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    Home accessories for shabby chic homes


Shabby chic, vintage kitchen

We offer new and renovated furniture with a romantic atmosphere for furnishing your kitchen!


Textile, shabby chic upholstery
- natural raw material
- bright colors
- friendly
- durable 
12 000 Ft + ÁFA (15 240 Ft)
Compartment with vegetables (ildare_323640)
Compartment with vegetables
Cleaned, painted vegetable compartment, practical storage in a unique color! 
Stock:  2 pc
6 000 Ft + ÁFA (7 620 Ft)
Icebox (ildare_795475)
Used, worn but technically in good condition refrigerator (sold out) 
Stock:  0 pcs
66 000 Ft + ÁFA (83 820 Ft)
Out of stock

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