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    There are several ways to remove bark from wood. The most beautiful crusting surface can be achieved with the disc mill. After milling the bark, this technology provides an almost planed surface. Along with the bark, the spleen layer is also removed by the machine. Machining retains the shape following the conicity of the wood, but unlike circular columns, the diameter of the columns thus obtained is not uniform.


Sharpened acacia column (ildare_232850)
Sharpened acacia column

- grape pillar
- fence post
- wild fence
- row, column

Treatment of tutors and posts
There are two ways to treat the side of the posts going in the ground:
- burning
- frame protection coat

You can ask for both treatment for each posts and tutors for the same price.
If you don't see them in the webshop among the options please ask for our unique offer

Bark Pine Column (ildare_279191)
Bark Pine Column

2 m long, 10 - 12 cm medium diameter barked, clustered pine columns


Stock:  77 pc
1 900 Ft + ÁFA (2 413 Ft)
Bark Pine Column, Thin (ildare_159501)
Bark Pine Column, Thin

8 - 10 cm in diameter, 2 meters long, mantle
pine tree poles


Stock:  111 pc
1 500 Ft + ÁFA (1 905 Ft)

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