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    We are looking for a partner for continuous work in the wood industry and construction works


We are looking for a carpenter for the renovation of houses!

- carpenter work
- roofing work
- stone work
- making covers

We are looking for a carpenter, a carpenter!

We are looking for a carpenter, carpenter, carpenter, pergola, and for building construction!

Looking for a carpenter, a desk!

We are looking for carpenters, table-tops for producing pergolas, trunks, lollipops, and barbecues.

Wooden Beam Roof Structures (ildare_489360)
Wooden Beam Roof Structures

We are looking for carpenters and businesses to build wooden structures, pergolas and logs

 We are looking for a Carrier Contractor!
+36 70 667 9060 
Fences and gates (ildare_783235)
Fences and gates

We are looking for a contractor to build fences and gates!
- Ildare

Gardens, terraces (ildare_845631)
Gardens, terraces

We are looking for partner companies to build gardens and terraces!

Garden furniture (ildare_176854)
Garden furniture
We are looking for a supplier of garden furniture, installation plant!
- Ildáre 
Old houses (ildare_680989)
Old houses

We are looking for an entrepreneur to renovate old houses!
- Ildáre


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    We are looking for partners for the production of various wood products

- custom design furniture

- wooden decoration

- acacia, oak timber

- acacia poles

- modern furniture

- acacia stick