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    Modest, humble, noble in its simplicity, his main virtue is his personality, the Vabi sabi, his opinion of beauty in Japan is fundamentally different from that of Roman-Greek culture.


    The philosophy that the unfinished, the imperfect, the eventual has become a message of the beautiful, nowadays fashionable interior design. Frost-free, practical, usability prioritizes the economical use of nature’s assets at the expense of overconsumption.


    It awakens thoughts, inspires to protect our environment, redefines the quality of our lives, creates resentment in us against accumulation, but it enriches us with emotional experiences, creates harmony between nature and the human hand.


Vabi sabi furniture [56 pcs] [6 new]
Vabi sabi furniture
Vabi sabi home accessories [55 pcs] [11 new]
Vabi sabi home accessories

    In our Greco-Roman culture, the opinion of beauty is fundamentally opposite to that of the Japanese. While the former is basically the symmetry, the pursuit of perfection, in the elaboration, according to the Eastern perception, the surface defect, the traces of aging, the patina, the character of the structure mean the aesthetic experience that means beauty to us. According to the Vabi sabi conception, beauty is transient, imperfect, incomplete.

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    Wabi sabi furniture in our website