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    May you need our services? Yes, if you already have raw materials and just want to process them or just take them home!


Loading of locust logs (ildare_676118)
Loading of locust logs
- logging
- log loading
- approximation
- transport of logs 
Renovation of antique furniture

- furniture restoration
- furniture renovation
- unique furniture
- upholstery

Putting of wooden flagstone (ildare_565939)
Putting of wooden flagstone
We assume the putting of wooden flagstone onto concrete or soil. We do the coating as well.
The price doesn't include the trip to the given place but for your request we give you unique price for it in view of the quantity and the place.
Sawing (ildare_587422)
We assume sawing as lease-work in our sawmill.

Home delivery (ildare_917144)
Home delivery
- timber transport

- transport of logs

- approximation

- logging

You can choose from our products from the comfort of your home, order the home delivery of the selected product! 
Construction of sidewalks, garden paths
- floor coverings

- garden stairs

- garden paths

- sidewalks 
Corral construction (ildare_883298)
Corral construction
We undertake the construction of fences, paddocks, wildlife protection fences on the basis of a unique offer! 
Construction of flanges (ildare_433072)
Construction of flanges

Horse, beef, sheep pads supplies and on-site construction work!
- crane construction, installation of acacia columns with tractor mounted pile driver, youtube video
- pile of youtube videos
We build larger pens with a pile-driving machine, construction of smaller pens with pit drilling. After pit drilling, the columns are fixed by tipping the ground around them. In the first period after the construction of the bracket, the columns are not yet fully fixed. The final fixation is provided by the soil that is compacted by the rain.

Pergola construction (ildare_412521)
Pergola construction
Based on individual plans, we will prepare the raw material of the pergola for you, we will undertake its construction! 
Log loading, tree approach (ildare_935402)
Log loading, tree approach
- transport of logs

- logging

- approximation

- crane
Log transport (ildare_682663)
Log transport
- approximation

- log transport

- logging

- crane 
Transport organization (ildare_621994)
Transport organization
We have many experiences in organization of transports!
We help you:
- organize small quantity transport
- truck quantity transport
- we found special cars for you (car with stanchion, car with crane, log transporter)
- from 2013 we assume transport of products which are not from our company to the country or to abroad as well

Construction of brick coverings

We offer many antique bricks on our site, we undertake to install them according to your plans


Fal bontott téglából

Brick pavement construction (ildare_347592)
Brick pavement construction
We undertake the construction of brick coverings on a concrete base and directly on the ground!

- garden sidewalk

- garden stairs

- brick garden path

- brick paving 
Wild fence construction (ildare_148789)
Wild fence construction
- fishing net sales
- home delivery
- column knockout
- net tension 
Furniture renovation (ildare_139963)
Furniture renovation
Furniture restoration (ildare_111429)
Furniture restoration
Making holes (ildare_880786)
Making holes
- limit

- paddock

- fence

- garden furniture 
Shooting (ildare_923652)
We assume shooting and other joiner work in lease-work!

We assume:

- shooting on one, two or four side of pine or hardwood bought in our sawmill or webshop
- shooting of sawn timber bought somewhere else
- we can do milled and ribbed surfaces

Heat treatment (ildare_761430)
Heat treatment
The wood's features change with the treatment:

- it will be harder
- longer life
- colour changes to brown
- it has a nice aroma
- it wont twist


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