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Building awaiting demolition
We are looking for buildings to be demolished 
Wooden fence construction (ildare_938242)
Wooden fence construction
Swedish floor made of antique acacia wood
Stock:  0 m²
9 856 Ft + ÁFA (12 517 Ft)
Out of stock
Antique oak staircase (ildare_922850)
Antique oak staircase
Stock:  0 m²
Out of stock
Cross-section of the wood (ildare_548401)
Cross-section of the wood
Cross-section of the wood near the root. 
Chippendale chairs (ildare_177204)
Chippendale chairs
Stock:  0 pcs
Out of stock
Manufacture of custom furniture
Log transport manually (ildare_361774)
Log transport manually
Log transport 
Fir log (ildare_115613)
Fir log
Fir log for sale! 
Pine forest (ildare_163169)
Pine forest
"There is something poignant in the forests, especially in the pine forests. It is not only their dark and consistent silence that shakes them, their deep shadows, their temple majesty and their reverent demeanor. hundreds of thousands of fifty-meter pines! What nature has wasted in seeds, stamens, pistils, sunshine, rain, wind, while such a pine forest has been rebuilt! to survive, fully expressing himself, breathing, responding to the world — and at the same time not breaking against anyone... 
Wicker cane fence (ildare_919949)
Wicker cane fence
We undertake the construction of monumental fences and individual fence elements on the basis of individual plans! 
Willow (ildare_968684)

kerti asztal

Creative table made of polished willow branches

Mushrooms on the tree (ildare_241794)
Mushrooms on the tree
Goat on horseback (unas_308269)
Goat on horseback
Furnace (ildare_266114)

- oven
- incense
- barbecue
- garden kitchen

Stone wall (ildare_390680)
Stone wall
44 800 Ft + ÁFA (56 896 Ft)
Fly-agaric (unas_518377)
Log transport (ildare_246525)
Log transport
We organize the transport.
Cooker (ildare_709296)
- the stove is sold out 
Stock:  0 pcs
Out of stock
Dried oak (ildare_130695)
Dried oak
Texture (ildare_998643)
Tractor (ildare_447309)
Stock:  0 pc
1 232 000 Ft + ÁFA (1 564 640 Ft)
Out of stock
Boletus edulis (unas_215592)
Boletus edulis
Flower boxes (ildare_765977)
Flower boxes
Stock:  0 pc
Out of stock
Manufacture of flower boxes (ildare_270947)
Manufacture of flower boxes
Stock:  0 pc
Out of stock
Pine-cone (unas_565580)
Green (ildare_357855)
Green acacia (ildare_603767)
Green acacia

The use of acacia is environmentally friendly against other tree species in several ways:

- even without extremely long-lasting treatment (50 - 100 years outdoors, saturated pine products do not reach even half of this), therefore it is not necessary to change, extract, transport every 10 years

- the treatments have a detrimental effect on our environment, they damage the wildlife when they get into the ground, and in the case of acacia, almost no treatment is necessary

- the regeneration of felled trees does not require environmentally damaging technologies, only arable land and sunlight

- for some products (eg barked columns) the technology is not energy intensive compared to sawn, planed versions


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