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Versailles flower box

Versailles flower box
  • Versailles flower box
  • Versailles flower box
  • Versailles flower box

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108 486 Ft + ÁFA (137 778 Ft)
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2 pc
Short description
When we designed the flower box, we thought of putting it out
to public areas. The flower box has a big volume, durable.
Product properties
The thick-iron flower boxes are enveloped in a
sealed gauge frame.
It is blue in colour on the drawing. (60x60, 80x80)
The four sides are all made up of planed acacia planks
and attached together with door hinged screws.
It's yellow in colour on the drawing.
The iron frames are connected together by welding.
We welded ball ornaments on to the top of the
vertical elements.
The assembled frame is painted over twice with finish paint.
We break off the outside edges of the acacian board,
put the boards together with screws in 3 points using
flat iron, and then screw the flat iron to the frame.
Doing this will make it easier to take it apart for maintainance.
The flower box is handled with lignotoll, then in dual layer with out door Citrus Tikkurila tree oil (2 x tvt5050)
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