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Antique furniture (ildare_358580)
Antique furniture
Antique furniture (ildare_769599)
Antique furniture
Antique furniture (ildare_261097)
Antique furniture
Antique plank (ildare_879618)
Antique plank
Traditional slab system of hungarian farmhouses: 15×15 cm-18×18 cm cross section lumbers with chamfer and
planks above with different motifs depending the local tradition.
These slabs were cleaned and treated to be brown. After several treatments they became bright.
In the middle of the last century people put reed layer under the summer and plastered it but in time the timber folded up in the humidity.
Only a few slab left in good repair. We only have to keep it dry and it lasts for hundred o... 

Stock:  624 m²
11 000 Ft + ÁFA (13 970 Ft)
Antique lumber (ildare_460488)
Antique lumber
+36 70 667 9060 
Stock:  120 pc
Table (ildare_323914)
- rustic wood

- broken wood

- antique wood

- root 
Asian antique furniture (ildare_579735)
Asian antique furniture
Pictures of Asian furniture 
Biedermeier furniture (ildare_871810)
Biedermeier furniture
Photos de meubles de style Biedermeier 
Timber from demolished houses
We constantly buy usable timber from demolished houses. Usually with 15×15 cm cross section and 5 m length.
Longer timber from big sheds and lathes.

Stock:  1200 db
Decomposed wood (ildare_237531)
Decomposed wood
Long decomposed wood of different cross-sections 
Stock:  1200 pc
Decomposed wood (ildare_113158)
Decomposed wood
Pictures of broken wood 
Stock:  1200 pcs
Decorations, vintage (ildare_760202)
Decorations, vintage
Pictures of vintage decorations (not part of the store's offer) 
Bedside table, Victorian (ildare_653081)
Bedside table, Victorian
36 cm deep, 47 cm wide, 90 cm high cabinet made of solid wood 
Stock:  1 pcs
14 000 Ft + ÁFA (17 780 Ft)
House for sale in Nagyvázsony
The house is sold out after renovation 
Stock:  0 pcs
Out of stock
Empire furniture (ildare_664163)
Empire furniture
Pictures of empire style furniture 
Wooden beams (ildare_145853)
Wooden beams
Pictures of broken, cleaned wood 
Stock:  50 pcs
Wooden beamed ceiling (ildare_711636)
Wooden beamed ceiling
Wood-beamed ceilings in pictures, for which we have supplied raw materials or renovated them on site 
Stock:  0 m²
66 000 Ft + ÁFA (83 820 Ft)
Out of stock
Chalet (ildare_378286)
We are constantly offering several wooden houses that can be rebuilt!

- Áldór kft 

Stock:  80 pc
Beam furniture (ildare_270190)
Beam furniture
We undertake the production of beam furniture based on individual plans 
Beams, planks, antique (ildare_337383)
Beams, planks, antique
Rootstock (ildare_495945)
Stock:  120 pc
Used beams, planks (ildare_930169)
Used beams, planks
Stock:  1200 pc
Used, dismantled beam (ildare_907571)
Used, dismantled beam
Stock:  1200 pc
Installations made of wood (ildare_462120)
Installations made of wood
Pictures of antique wood (ildare_712967)
Pictures of antique wood
Stock:  1200 pc
Picture frame (ildare_812896)
Picture frame
Fence construction (ildare_626770)
Fence construction
We assume fence construction. 
Loft decoration (ildare_104711)
Loft decoration
Really characteristic wood wall covering can be built from demolished wood!

- imaginative, creative 

Stock:  120 sqm
11 000 Ft + ÁFA (13 970 Ft)
Mills (ildare_553721)
Pictures of old water mill buildings 
Old wooden surface (ildare_816901)
Old wooden surface
Pictures of aged wood 
Old press house (ildare_697645)
Old press house
Lendava old press house made of hand-carved oak beams with a cross section of 40- 55 x 15 cm 
Old, decomposed wood (ildare_263913)
Old, decomposed wood
Pictures of old wood 
Old, decomposed wood (ildare_281936)
Old, decomposed wood
Our store offers dismantled wooden beams and planks 
Stock:  1200 pc
Organic, natural wood furniture
- natural
- design furniture
- decoration
- unique 
Posts in the forest (ildare_443776)
Posts in the forest
At the place of production (Zala county, Somogy county) we calculate our columns with a more favorable transfer price based on an individual offer than at the Taliándörögd site. 
Stock:  2000 pc
Palisade (ildare_397074)
+36 70 667 9060 
Stock:  220 pc
Pore floor (ildare_716548)
Pore floor
Pictures of finished wooden slabs 
Rustic wooden fences (ildare_129208)
Rustic wooden fences
Shabby chic painted furniture
Retaining wall construction (ildare_177697)
Retaining wall construction
We assume the planning and the construction of retaining walls. 
Bois de toit, antique (ildare_493074)
Bois de toit, antique
+36 70 667 9060 
Stock:  1200 pc
Bed frame (ildare_407713)
Bed frame
- correct quality

- antique furniture

- walnut furniture

- unique 

Stock:  0 piece
112 000 Ft + ÁFA (142 240 Ft)
Out of stock
Antique furniture, baroque table


Stock:  0 pcs
120 000 Ft + ÁFA (152 400 Ft)
Out of stock
Antique stove (ildare_882285)
Antique stove
Stock:  0 pc
235 200 Ft + ÁFA (298 704 Ft)
Out of stock
Biedermeier sofa (ildare_197743)
Biedermeier sofa
The product is sold out 
Stock:  0 pcs
240 000 Ft + ÁFA (304 800 Ft)
Out of stock
Suitcase (ildare_110325)
The product is sold out 
Stock:  0 pc
6 720 Ft + ÁFA (8 534 Ft)
Out of stock
Suitcases (ildare_691197)
Country chic table (ildare_294887)
Country chic table
The table is sold out 
Stock:  0 pc
240 000 Ft + ÁFA (304 800 Ft)
Out of stock
Threshing machine (ildare_938746)
Threshing machine
The threshing machine is sold out! 
Stock:  0 pc
320 000 Ft + ÁFA (406 400 Ft)
Out of stock
Design furniture (ildare_803163)
Design furniture
Pictures of design furniture 
Unique antique furniture (ildare_291538)
Unique antique furniture
- vintage furniture
- antique furniture
- classic furniture
- loft furniture 

Stock:  0 pc
Out of stock
Unique loft table (ildare_559705)
Unique loft table
The furniture is sold out 
Stock:  0 pc
134 400 Ft + ÁFA (170 688 Ft)
Out of stock
Unique loft furniture (ildare_267143)
Unique loft furniture
The closet is sold out 
Stock:  0 pc
156 800 Ft + ÁFA (199 136 Ft)
Out of stock
Buildings (ildare_920827)
Wooden picture (ildare_305106)
Wooden picture
Pictures of wood materials 
Wooden wheel (ildare_703644)
Wooden wheel
Stock:  0 piece
Out of stock
Thick wooden plank, demolished
Demolished machined wooden planks 
Stock:  0 m²
Out of stock
Disintegrator (ildare_489875)
The machine is in a good condition. Available to chop into 4-6 cm long pieces.

Stock:  0 pc
1 467 664 Ft + ÁFA (1 863 933 Ft)
Out of stock
Armchair (ildare_745481)
Stock:  0 pc
160 000 Ft + ÁFA (203 200 Ft)
Out of stock
Armchair, sofa (ildare_346222)
Armchair, sofa
Pictures of neo-baroque, vintage furniture 
French baroque furniture (ildare_962722)
French baroque furniture
Pictures of French Baroque style furniture 
French country furniture (ildare_566672)
French country furniture
Pictures of French country furniture 
Ship's box (ildare_323030)
Ship's box
Pictures of ship's crates 
Stock:  0 pc
Out of stock
Church (ildare_514108)
- wooden structure
- church tower
- church roof
- belfry 
Dutch baroque furniture (ildare_594093)
Dutch baroque furniture
Pictures of Dutch baroque furniture 
Industrial furniture (ildare_972536)
Industrial furniture
Industrial furniture in pictures (not included in our offer) 
Industrial design (ildare_715946)
Industrial design
Industrial design, pictures 
Italian baroque furniture (ildare_816003)
Italian baroque furniture
Pictures of baroque furniture in Italy 
Italian baroque furniture (ildare_423700)
Italian baroque furniture
Pictures of baroque furniture in Italy 
Garden kitchen (ildare_953680)
Garden kitchen
Kitchen table with six chairs

- country style
- shabby chic
- vintage
- french furniture


Stock:  0 pc
537 600 Ft + ÁFA (682 752 Ft)
Out of stock
Loft table (ildare_596820)
Loft table
Pictures of loft style tables 
Industrial style table (ildare_316841)
Industrial style table
Pictures of loft style tables 
Industrial (ildare_438329)
On our site, furniture, wall coverings and home furnishing accessories for furnishing loft apartments 
Forest loading of poles (ildare_271609)
Forest loading of poles
Shabby chic green (ildare_668034)
Shabby chic green
- green
- furniture
- shabby chic
- vintage design 
Water jet barking (ildare_943282)
Water jet barking

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