Rustic furniture to order

    Easy to machine, unique, natural wood furniture


Custom designed oak furniture
We undertake the design and construction of furniture from solid oak based on individual plans! 
Unique rustic wooden furniture
Roots, trunks, driftwood (ildare_273719)
Roots, trunks, driftwood
Stock:  150 pcs
Rustic furniture (ildare_574898)
Rustic furniture
- decoration
- small furniture
- garden furniture
- indoor furniture 
Rustic furniture (ildare_614304)
Rustic furniture
In the pictures, our rustic furniture is still in stock or already sold out 
Rustic apartments (ildare_437220)
Rustic apartments
Ideas for building rustic style apartments, home renovation! 
Rustic style apartments (ildare_942012)
Rustic style apartments
Rustic design furniture (ildare_450892)
Rustic design furniture
Pictures of rustic furniture 

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