Antique brick

    We do not currently have stock in stock, so we only sell broken bricks after an individual purchase


Antique cone pot (ildare_657907) NEW
Antique cone pot
+36 70 667 9060 
Stock:  70 pcs
700 Ft + ÁFA (889 Ft)
Antique loft brick (ildare_889028) NEW
Antique loft brick

Make your home a home! Choose patina building materials from our web site!


Stock:  1430 pc
770 Ft + ÁFA (978 Ft)
Bontott tégla díszburkoló (ildare_744986) NEW
Bontott tégla díszburkoló
Bontott tégla díszburkoló, kb 3 cm vastag, 23- 24 x 3,8 cm méretű. 
Stock:  9000 pcs
80 Ft + ÁFA (102 Ft)
Beam furniture, tv table (ildare_800652) NEW
 Beam furniture, tv table
Rustic furniture made of broken wooden beams, TV table, storage table, bench, 34 cm high, 41 x 190 cm 
Stock:  1 pcs
28 000 Ft + ÁFA (35 560 Ft)
Antique brick (ildare_665787)
Antique brick

- interior
- gardening
- decoration
- architecture

We offer refurbished bricks from the demolition of buildings for recycling!



Stock:  300 pc
Painted attic brick (ildare_275911)
Painted attic brick
- Cozy
- traditional
- hand painting
- individual sample 

Stock:  0 pc
Out of stock
Beam furniture, tv table (ildare_413676)
Beam furniture, tv table
Rustic TV table made of demolished wooden beams, beam bench, coffee table, 163 x 53 cm, 30 cm high 
Stock:  1 pcs
48 000 Ft + ÁFA (60 960 Ft)
Beavertail tile (ildare_648842)
Beavertail tile
We recommend more than 300-year-old pots for decoration!

- antique building material

The painted versions in the pictures are only to show the possibility, the price is for the unpainted pieces. 

Stock:  246 pc
220 Ft + ÁFA (279 Ft)
Pictures (ildare_722855)
Pictures of broken, antique bricks, walls and roads built of antique bricks

- Áldór kft 
Millstone (ildare_981641)
Stock:  200 pcs
2 000 Ft + ÁFA (2 540 Ft)
Millstone (ildare_924747)
Stock:  1 pcs
28 000 Ft + ÁFA (35 560 Ft)
Construction of brick coverings

We offer many antique bricks on our site, we undertake to install them according to your plans


Fal bontott téglából

Brick wall (ildare_249966)
Brick wall
- brick garden path
- garden sidewalk
- garden stairs
- brick paving 
Brick sidewalk (ildare_327341)
Brick sidewalk
We offer demolished bricks for the construction of garden paths, sidewalks, stairs! 
Brick pavement construction (ildare_347592)
Brick pavement construction
We undertake the construction of brick coverings on a concrete base and directly on the ground!

- garden sidewalk

- garden stairs

- brick garden path

- brick paving 
Brick wall made of broken bricks
Turn your home into a home! Choose patinated building materials from our website! 
Terracotta flooring (ildare_717482)
Terracotta flooring
Warm, hand-shaped facing brick

- unique look

- antique effect

As a result of manual shaping, each individual piece differs slightly from each other, so the cover provides a unique surface without repetitive patterns 

Stock:  470 pc
770 Ft + ÁFA (978 Ft)
Limestone tiles (ildare_541848)
Limestone tiles
- natural stone
- floor covering
- wall covering
- sidewalk 

Stock:  30 m²
6 500 Ft + ÁFA (6 500 Ft)

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