Dismantled planks

    Decomposed wood in the category up to 6 cm thick


1.5 cm thick hardwood planks (ildare_491809) NEW
1.5 cm thick hardwood planks
Dry, thin timber for wall coverings and decorations in 2 - 4 meter pieces 
Stock:  10 m²
6 000 Ft + ÁFA (7 620 Ft)
30 cm wide broken pine planks (ildare_383728) NEW
30 cm wide broken pine planks
Pine planks 4 meters long, 30 cm wide and 27 mm thick 
Stock:  0 pcs
14 000 Ft + ÁFA (17 780 Ft)
Out of stock
Dismantled planks (ildare_869492)
Dismantled planks
+36 70 667 9060 
Stock:  295 m²
5 500 Ft + ÁFA (6 985 Ft)
Antique wood (ildare_138075)
Antique wood

You can create a friendly, warm atmosphere in your home with the help of antique wood materials!


Bontott faanyagok, parasztfödém


Antique wood materials



Stock:  112 m³
180 000 Ft + ÁFA (228 600 Ft)
Broken plank (ildare_786324)
Broken plank
Stock:  48 m²
11 000 Ft + ÁFA (13 970 Ft)
DIY decomposed wood (ildare_359584)
DIY decomposed wood
We recommend stripped, cleaned wood for home furniture and wall coverings!

DIY is an English abbreviation, today's trend, which is conquering in the field of dressing and interior design, do it yourself with a literal meaning. In addition to saving costs, if we are not rushing for a skilled worker, we are connected to us, personal, and the idea of ​​recycling is not only fashionable, but also environmentally conscious.

DIY can mean the renovation of our old, used furniture, the making of ne... 

Stock:  1000 pcs
Old wooden surface (ildare_247975)
Old wooden surface
- natural
- Cozy
- unique
- characters 
Old wooden surface (ildare_183074)
Old wooden surface
- natural
- characters
- unique
- Cozy 

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