Locust bark mulch

    We can protect our plants against dehydration and weeds, can serve as decorative purposes mulch made of acacia wood and acacia bark


Etched locust mulch (ildare_619721)
Etched locust mulch
Mulch from locust tree, doesn't include bark. 
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Pine mulch (ildare_964651)
Pine mulch
- gardening
- garden decoration
Ildáre wood products
favorably from the manufacturer! 

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Bark mulch (unas_705829)
Bark mulch
Locust bark mulch without packing. 
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Wood chip mulch (unas_936673)
Wood chip mulch
Eliminates the weeds, it helps that the soil does not dry out so easily.
Does not include bark. It is long lasting, because of the high-pressure
molded into its fibers. For a long time retain its color and texture.
The preparation of graphics is also possible, because of the variety of
colors. It is packed into rachel-bags, therefore the wood chip
is exposed to the air, this way it can be stored longer.
It is made of the most enduring tree of our country.


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    These supporting walls are made of naturally grown locust posts. During the installation it is possible to find gaps. If we turn them next to each other we can release these gaps. We place a geo-textile behind the elements to prevent the soil to outflow.


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