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Locust bark mulch

Locust bark mulch (unas_321113)
Locust bark mulch
Locust bark mulch in a 50 litre Rachel bag. 
Stock:  357 bag
783 Ft + ÁFA (995 Ft)
Fenyő mulcs - (ildare_964651)
Fenyő mulcs -

- kertépítés
- kertszépítés
Ildáre fatermékek
kedvezően a gyártótól!


Stock:  0 l
7 Ft + ÁFA (9 Ft)
Out of stock
Bark mulch (unas_705829)
Bark mulch
Locust bark mulch without packing. 
Stock:  96600 l
9 Ft + ÁFA (11 Ft)
Etched locust mulch (ildare_619721)
Etched locust mulch
Mulch from locust tree, doesn't include bark. 
Stock:  107 m³
33 512 Ft + ÁFA (42 560 Ft)
Wood chip mulch (unas_936673)
Wood chip mulch
Eliminates the weeds, it helps that the soil does not dry out so easily.
Does not include bark. It is long lasting, because of the high-pressure
molded into its fibers. For a long time retain its color and texture.
The preparation of graphics is also possible, because of the variety of
colors. It is packed into rachel-bags, therefore the wood chip
is exposed to the air, this way it can be stored longer.
It is made of the most enduring tree of our country.

2 646 Ft + ÁFA (3 360 Ft)

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