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Locust fences, fence elements

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Acacia fence panel

    Locust fence from simple parallel elements.We assume a work with metal as well so you don't need to toil with purchasing, finding locksmith or carpenter. You can easily order your assembly fence, gate from home.


Shooting (ildare_923652) NEW
We assume shooting and other joiner work in lease-work!

We assume:

- shooting on one, two or four side of pine or hardwood bought in our sawmill or webshop
- shooting of sawn timber bought somewhere else
- we can do milled and ribbed surfaces

1 367 Ft + ÁFA (1 736 Ft)
Wide acacia plank for fence building
Acacia lumber,22 mm thick, air-dry.The planks are 20-24 cm wide. 
1 058 Ft + ÁFA (1 344 Ft)
Acacia fence pieces (unas_775616)
Acacia fence pieces
8 cm wide acacia fence pieces. 
661 Ft + ÁFA (840 Ft)
Locust fence plank (ildare_841619)
Locust fence plank
16-24 cm wide, 21 mm thickfence elements from locust. Flats are planed, edges are sanded.
The picture shows a fence panel nailed from fence planks.We can give you offer for fence panel with assembly.


Stock:  0 m
970 Ft + ÁFA (1 232 Ft)
Out of stock
Acacia fence, 0,8 metres (unas_169938)
Acacia fence, 0,8 metres
Acacia wood (robinia pseudoacacia) fence pieces, all four sides planed. 
Stock:  980 pc
529 Ft + ÁFA (672 Ft)
Acacia fence, 1 metre (unas_367404)
Acacia fence, 1 metre
Made out of acacia wood. 
Stock:  450 pc
661 Ft + ÁFA (840 Ft)
Acacia fence, 1,2 metres long

Made out of acacia


Stock:  515 pc
794 Ft + ÁFA (1 008 Ft)
Acacia fence, 1,4 metres long

All four sides are planed

926 Ft + ÁFA (1 176 Ft)
Acacia fence piece (unas_334252)
Acacia fence piece
19 mm thick, 8 cm wide and 1,6 metres long fence pieces. 
1 058 Ft + ÁFA (1 344 Ft)
Acacia fence panel, Balaton

Acacia fence panel

9 701 Ft + ÁFA (12 320 Ft)
Wood handling (ildare_137435)
Wood handling

- waffle
- wood oil
- foundation
- thin slurry
For our polished and planed carpentry products offered on our site, we offer fund management, slicing and painting.

Garden fence ideas (ildare_446590)
Garden fence ideas

- kerítések tervezése
- elemek gyártása
- házhoz szállítás
- helyszíni munka

Planed fence pole (unas_218357)
Planed fence pole
8 x 8 cm thick, planed acacia fence pole. 
2 822 Ft + ÁFA (3 584 Ft)
Kapolcs fence (unas_523292)
Kapolcs fence
Acacia fence made of 3 x 4 cm sawed slats. 
Stock:  240 m²
8 819 Ft + ÁFA (11 200 Ft)
Acacia fence, nailed together
The fence is made out of 3 x 3 cm planed acacia (robinia wood) planks and nailed together. 
14 110 Ft + ÁFA (17 920 Ft)
Fence ideas (ildare_270825)
Fence ideas

- fence post
- fence building
- fence element
- woodcut

Acacia panel (unas_536728)
Acacia panel
For the homely ambience.Elements are nailed with rustless steel so it can be used outdoor. 
42 331 Ft + ÁFA (53 760 Ft)

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