Linden log and sawn timber offer for carving. Please ask for our offer

    We also offer lumber and a couple of finished products from 
linden wood!

Acacia column 8 - 10 cm in diameter
Choose natural-growing acacia and organic building materials for your home! 
Stock:  199 m
3 400 Ft + ÁFA (4 318 Ft)
Halved linden post, 14 - 18 cm
2 meters long, debarked and halved linden posts.

Stock:  69 pc
1 900 Ft + ÁFA (2 413 Ft)
Linden (ildare_952125)
Linden log and sawn timber offer for carving. Please ask for our offer.

Stock:  0 pc
Out of stock
Linden log (ildare_706495)
Linden log
- small table
- decoration
- log furniture
- loft furniture 

Stock:  1 pc
15 000 Ft + ÁFA (19 050 Ft)
Debarked linden log, 14-18 cm
2 m long debarked linden posts. 
Stock:  103 pc
2 600 Ft + ÁFA (3 302 Ft)
Debarked log, 10 - 14 cm (ildare_345758)
Debarked log, 10 - 14 cm
2 m long debarked linden log. 
Stock:  395 pc
2 200 Ft + ÁFA (2 794 Ft)
Debarked, halved log, 18 - 24 cm
2 m long debarked, halved linden logs for retaining wall construction.

Stock:  115 pc
3 300 Ft + ÁFA (4 191 Ft)

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Its tree is a low-density softwood, its color is yellowish-white with a slightly reddish, non-colored gesture. In the wood industry we can find three varieties, small-leaved, large-leaved and silver linden. The wood properties of the three linden species are nearly identical, but perhaps the finest structure is silver linden. The boundaries of the early and late pastas are not demarcated on the annual rings, so their appearance is relatively homogeneous, and pickling is preferred to highlight its design. Due to its fine fabric structure, it can be carved well without fibers, and its woodworking is hassle-free. In Hungary, it is a popular raw material for beehive makers, in our opinion it would deserve more attention than this, we recommend it to the attention of experimental carpenters! The best raw material if we are looking for a solution to replace “nobler” wood species, its surface-treated fiber structure is similar to beech and black walnut wood. The “sakik” in the sideboard made of pickled wood was in trouble because the bowel mirror mirrors are very similar to beech! Knowing the raw material prices, pickled as an alternative to a black walnut interior door, it stands its ground! Sandpaper clogging due to the resin content experienced during the surface treatment preparation of the interior door made of pine will not be experienced with linden. It can be a raw material for furniture, door fronts, interior doors and windows, picture frames are not durable, so their indoor use is more widespread.


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