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Antique plank (ildare_879618) NEW
Antique plank
Traditional slab system of hungarian farmhouses: 15×15 cm-18×18 cm cross section lumbers with chamfer and
planks above with different motifs depending the local tradition.
These slabs were cleaned and treated to be brown. After several treatments they became bright.
In the middle of the last century people put reed layer under the summer and plastered it but in time the timber folded up in the humidity.
Only a few slab left in good repair. We only have to keep it dry and it lasts for hundred o... 

Stock:  624 m²
9 449 Ft + ÁFA (12 000 Ft)
Antique wood furniture (ildare_247952) NEW
Antique wood furniture
Build unique-looking wooden furniture from the antique materials on our site! 
15 × 15 cm lumber (ildare_770882)
15 × 15 cm lumber
First we give a heat treatment to the lumber which preserves the timber and kills all living organism in the wood.
After that we clean the surfaces with different sanding technologies, we polish, veer and carve.
When you would like to buy antique lumber we advise you to come and see these prucedures
and chose the timber yourself because all of them is unique.

Stock:  787.3 m
5 512 Ft + ÁFA (7 000 Ft)
Antique furniture (ildare_954804)
Antique furniture

We offer excellent ingredients for custom furniture: heat treated, cleaned antique wood!

Antique logs (ildare_912947)
Antique logs

Antique acacia and oak logs with brushed surface 14 - 18 cm in diameter for interior design!


Stock:  49 m
5 512 Ft + ÁFA (7 000 Ft)
Antique oak table top (ildare_152111)
Antique oak table top

More than 300 years old antique oak firewood

- Áldór kft


Stock:  1 pc
48 000 Ft + ÁFA (60 960 Ft)
Antique wood ideas (ildare_928816)
Antique wood ideas

You can build antique furniture from demolished wood on our site!

Carved granite column (ildare_852536)
Carved granite column

One hundred and twenty centimeters tall, 70 cm wide carved granite column (can be taken in two parts!)


Stock:  1 pc
68 000 Ft + ÁFA (86 360 Ft)
Bathroom counter in antique oak wood

4 cm thick antique oak wood panel bathroom
with a shelf

110 000 Ft + ÁFA (139 700 Ft)
Homokszórt rönkök (ildare_147324)
Homokszórt rönkök

- wabi sabi bútor
- organikus
- kreatív
- natúr fa


Stock:  10000 pcs
875 Ft + ÁFA (1 111 Ft)
Japanese furniture (ildare_171658)
Japanese furniture

- it is expedient
- simplicity
- natural wood
- patina

Japanese rustic furniture (ildare_197167)
Japanese rustic furniture

- wabi sabi
- rustic
- minimalist
- natural wood design

Loop acacia beam, logs (unas_990377)
Loop acacia beam, logs

Unique, intact acacia beams for building furniture!


Stock:  180 pc
1 426 Ft + ÁFA (1 811 Ft)
Mosdópult antik pallókból

- vabi szabi stílusú
- újrahasznosítás
- natúr fa
- kreatív

55 000 Ft + ÁFA (69 850 Ft)
Washbowl (ildare_228310)

- stone wash basin
- wooden sink
- hand wash bowl
- bathroom

Tükör antik fa kerettel (ildare_421291)
Tükör antik fa kerettel
60 000 Ft + ÁFA (76 200 Ft)
Wabi sabi furniture (ildare_202222)
Wabi sabi furniture
Vabi szabi stílusú bútorok
Wabi sabi bútor (ildare_934087)
Wabi sabi bútor
Wabi sabi lakások (ildare_364749)
Wabi sabi lakások
Wabi sabi lakberendezés (ildare_872826)
Wabi sabi lakberendezés
Wabi- sabi falburkolat (ildare_688783)
Wabi- sabi falburkolat

- rusztikus

- modern

- kézi munka

- környezetkímélő

Antik deszkákból egyedi gyártásban készítünk vabi szabi lakások berendezéséhez természetes, személyes falburkolatokat, kérésre a Dunántúl területén helyszínen felszereljük.



Stock:  330 pc
9 449 Ft + ÁFA (12 000 Ft)
Bútorok natúr fából (ildare_365919)
Bútorok natúr fából

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