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Wood chip mulch

Wood chip mulch
  • Wood chip mulch
  • Wood chip mulch

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Eliminates the weeds, it helps that the soil does not dry out so easily.
Does not include bark. It is long lasting, because of the high-pressure
molded into its fibers. For a long time retain its color and texture.
The preparation of graphics is also possible, because of the variety of
colors. It is packed into rachel-bags, therefore the wood chip
is exposed to the air, this way it can be stored longer.
It is made of the most enduring tree of our country.

Product properties
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Soil is aesthetic and beautiful with mulch.Besides the decoration use, mulch repairs the water balance of the soil and blocks the growth of weed.
The soil temperature is more balanced with mulch and it adds organics to the soil.
According to expert soil has 6% organics in ideal situation, and this helps maintain the soil's water and air transmissivity and this way insure the organics way to the plants root.
We put mulch on the surface of the soil.Renewal is easy.We recommend 3-5 cm thick black mulch from hardwood for flowers.
We can put mulch under perennials and annuals.Mulch must be thinner where we expect shoots.
We musn't put mulch like a volcano around the root collar of the plant.
We must pay attention to those bulbous plants who doesn't still have full-grown topping or it dried after blooming.
We can use different soil cover so that we can distinguish the where the bulbous plants are.
We can cover the soil with a pervious foil before putting mulch.
Mulch is suitable for garden path which is very nice and eco-friendly.
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