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Biedermeier chest of drawers

Biedermeier chest of drawers

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120 000 Ft + ÁFA (152 400 Ft)
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Short description

- antique
- natural
- renovated
- treated pine
The three drawer chests were made of solid pine wood in 1838. We replaced the bottom of the cupboard, legs, sliding parts, backboard, and replaced some of its broken pieces. The chest of drawers handled with oil and wax.
Two labels are missing, the latches, stitches are original, and the bottom half of the drawers cause the top half of the drawers to be slightly inward.
Instead of the originally dark-colored floded painting, we recommend using an unpainted surface for your home.

Product properties

Dimensions of the dresser: 120 cm wide, 60 cm deep, 95 cm high.
Biedermeier is a characteristic and decisive civic fashion of the era of romance (the first half of the 19th century). The style that starts in Vienna offsets the elements that are overcompromised in French Baroque arches and decorations with simplicity and ease. Its historical background is the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, which has a greater role in the collapse of Napoleon, and the demands of the highly industrialized German, Czech citizenship.

Biedermeier furniture features:
- few simple decorations
- comfort
- functionality
- exceptional quality
- Simple geometric shapes
- emphasizes the natural vein of the tree


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