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140 000 Ft + ÁFA (177 800 Ft)
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1 pc more thanless than 2 pc-177 800 Ft/pc
2 pc more than 12 %156 464 Ft/pc
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- noble wood

- elaboration

- Perfect condition

- original appearance


Solid pine furniture covered with polished oak and walnut veneer. The cabinet is in original condition, extremely spare, its structure is impeccable.
Product properties
The "Gründerzeit" in Hungarian was called by historians in the second half of the 1800s. After the compromise, the economy of the Monarchy began to develop significantly economically, with significant corporate start-ups and booming trade characterized the era. With the industrial development, the production of carpentry products was transferred from handicraft carpentry workshops to factories more abundantly equipped with machines and tools. The professionals, who excel in the craft, used the mechanization to produce precise, highly elaborate furniture with traditional carpentry joints.

The cabinet was made in a pair of Viennese carpentry between 1880 and 1890. In the German-speaking world, furniture of similar age and appearance is called "Gründrezeit" furniture. Its elaboration and construction make the full-value cabinet truly classic.

The furniture has an eclectic style, in the choice of materials and simplicity it follows the traditions of Biedermeier furniture, the shape of the prominent carving is reminiscent of Old German cabinets.
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