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Round timber for favorable price

Round timber for favorable price

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We can produce our hardwood products from pine too!
Round milled pine products are less expensive than the acacia ones.
You can ask surface, wet and dry saturation.

Product properties
During the wet saturation we saturate the whole timber which needs less materials.
During the dry saturation we dry the wood so it will need more treating liquid. (around 6-9 kg/m3)
Additional products
Halved stake retaining wall
6 702 Ft + ÁFA (8 512 Ft)
Mini stake
78 Ft + ÁFA (99 Ft)
10 cm, round milled locust post
2 866 Ft + ÁFA (3 640 Ft)
 The retaning wall is 0,7 meter
10 583 Ft + ÁFA (13 440 Ft)
12 cm round milled locust post
3 919 Ft + ÁFA (4 977 Ft)

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