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    On the characteristics of furniture styles, furniture shapes, ornaments, antique and modern, vintage furniture


French Louis XV. style bed in walnut

In its original condition, well-preserved antique furniture, neo-Rococo bed frame made of noble walnut
The furniture is in France in the late 1800s in the style of King Louis XV. It is made from walnut, carved walnut, and carved walnut veneer.



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140 000 Ft + ÁFA (177 800 Ft)
Modern furniture (ildare_732171)
Design furniture (ildare_796021)
Design furniture
French country style furniture

It is still a living interior design style. Antique furniture has been so called since the 1600s.

When visiting Baroque castles, we come across almost only carvings, bronze, copper fittings, furniture decorated with gilded colors, which were much more intended to advertise the social status of their owners than real objects of use. Those in France with more modest materials typically decorated their homes with versions of the same style of furniture with significantly fewer decorative elements than their contemporaries seeking to live in a royal way.


Gothic style furniture (ildare_309127)
Gothic style furniture
Gründerzeit furniture (ildare_628943)
Gründerzeit furniture
Gründerzeit, a historicizing style of furniture in German-speaking countries
- antique furniture 
Gustav King style furniture (ildare_418855)
Gustav King style furniture
Loft furniture (ildare_873851)
Loft furniture
Japanese furniture (ildare_171658)
Japanese furniture

- it is expedient
- simplicity
- natural wood
- patina

Industrial style furniture (ildare_263841)
Industrial style furniture
Hungarian country furniture (ildare_909251)
Hungarian country furniture
- treated with wax

- solid pine

- country furniture

- antique furniture 
Minimal style furniture (ildare_340183)
Minimal style furniture
Modern furniture (ildare_792365)
Natural wood furniture (ildare_565103)
Natural wood furniture
Retro style furniture (ildare_203444)
Retro style furniture
Rococo (ildare_182298)
- artistic wood carvings

- French elegance

- comfort

- luxury 
Romanian style (ildare_593914)
Romanian style
Art Nouveau furniture (ildare_945338)
Art Nouveau furniture
Vintage furniture (ildare_411646)
Vintage furniture
XXI. century furniture (ildare_591403)
XXI. century furniture

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    In addition to being objects with basic functions, furniture is the result of human creation, in the category of thoughts about the background, motifs and effects of the formation of styles.

    Even the most complex furniture can be divided into simple form elements (arches, oak leaf decorative carving .....), which have appeared in earlier times, but the shape of the proportion of different form elements, the surface structure and the choice of colors are unique to the furniture builder. The aesthetic value of a piece of furniture cannot be determined on the basis of objective criteria, I would like to state three categories:

- builders of modern, forward-looking furniture in the given age, who used obvious yet novel formal and technical solutions that were able to shape the taste of the age, practically looking back to create style (eg Michael Thonet), their furniture is an intellectual creation

- user carpenters who are well acquainted with the technology, who have made furniture that is well-suited to the styles of the age, are still making it, the basic element of their work is technical sophistication, craftsmen

- manufacturers who combine elements of memorable styles or elements of the age without harmony, who produce a good "value for money" product that is well-assessed for the needs of the market, in most cases of poor quality and questionable in value, do not strengthen the creative side with their work, but, like the parasites of nature, the workers of decay

    In each age, the evolution of ideas determined the direction in which the styles of a given age, buildings, furniture, as historical monuments, could help to look back, to understand the connections between the past and the present.

    The technology used to build furniture is just a tool like a tool for the master. The aesthetic value of a piece of furniture is not determined by the ratio of the modern production technology and craftsmanship used.


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