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    Comfortable neo-baroque sofas


Neo-baroque sofa (ildare_259656) NEW
Neo-baroque sofa
Original, well-maintained style furniture, neo-baroque sets for sale
- large sofa
- two armchairs
- two chairs
- a table (the picture does not show the table of the set) 

Stock:  1 set
340 000 Ft + ÁFA (431 800 Ft)
Baroque upholstered furniture

Baroque, neo-baroque chairs, armchairs, beds, sofas, sofas, upholstered furniture


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Neo-Baroque Seating Set (ildare_442375)
Neo-Baroque Seating Set

- comfortable
- natural
- homey
- unique
For a rural, romantic setting, or even loft flats, we recommend our rebuilt, extremely comfortable four-piece seat set.



Stock:  1 set
740 000 Ft + ÁFA (939 800 Ft)

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