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13/5000 Tyrolean table

 13/5000 Tyrolean table
  •  13/5000 Tyrolean table
  •  13/5000 Tyrolean table
  •  13/5000 Tyrolean table

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360 000 Ft + ÁFA (360 000 Ft)
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0 pc
Short description

- baroque table
- massive wood
- two drawers
- original
To date, tables have been produced in Tirol, Bavaria, in the same form, and their origins go back to the early 1600s. From the technology used for the construction, the old age of the wood, it is concluded that the table comes from the early period.


Product properties

The surface of the table is 106 x 107 cm and its height is 85 cm
- foot structure with oak
- lower and upper drawer pine
- Table top walnut
Technical deficiency
- lowering of one of the lower connectors is released
- one of the lower pins is tight, but not perfectly in place
The above two failures require a carpenter repair, the drawers are not technically objectionable.
Condition of wood
- table top with no-load, strong usage traces
- Minimal patience, no crumbly elongated portions of leg straps in leg structure, bottom of leg slightly fragmented, but healthy
- pine drawers are versatile in many places, but only 1.5 cm wide, 20 cm long, crumbly on the top drawer, without affecting the stability of the structure
Painting, surface
- Probably browned original surface, heavily used, with many injuries
- a lot of dirt or grease resulting from use or a treatment substance (wax)
Pickling, dirt can also be cleaned with lacquer.
- lower links, bottom drawer bottom with machining, clear replacement
- on the lower connectors, besides the bottom boards of the upper drawer, the surfaces are handmade, original

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