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Antique plank

Antique plank

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14 173 Ft + ÁFA (18 000 Ft)
Discount: 9 449 Ft + ÁFA (12 000 Ft)
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69 m²
12 kg/m²
Short description
Traditional slab system of hungarian farmhouses: 15×15 cm-18×18 cm cross section lumbers with chamfer and
planks above with different motifs depending the local tradition.
These slabs were cleaned and treated to be brown. After several treatments they became bright.
In the middle of the last century people put reed layer under the summer and plastered it but in time the timber folded up in the humidity.
Only a few slab left in good repair. We only have to keep it dry and it lasts for hundred of years.

Product properties

antik tölgy virágláda

Antik tölgyfa deszkákból készült virágláda


- kedvező áron bontott deszka oldalunkon!


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